SMA Women’s Symposium

SMA Women’s Symposium

Join us for a half day educational event that will motivate and inspire. Highly recommended for sisters of all ages.


Keynote Speakers

Lecture 1: ‘Raise your words, not your voice’ by Sr Ayesha Haroon. Sr Ayesha is a psychotherapist in training and family coach with an approach that is aligned closely with the Qur’an and Sunnah, while utilizes strategies, tips and techniques from modern psychology, behaviour therapy and life coaching. She is a public speaker able to motivate and encourage all ages.

Lecture 2: ‘Lessons learned from the Life of Khadijah bint Khuwaylid (RA), wife of the Prophet (SAW)’ by Sr Nashwa Irfan. Sr Nashwa is student of knowledge, enrolled in Al Huda International online course, involvement in tafseer group (Tuesday Night Tafseer) and rotational speaker at SNMC Ladies Halaqa.

Lecture 3: ‘TBD‘ by Sr. Amera Syed. Sr. Amera started teaching Quran with Tajweed and Islamic Studies over 20 years ago after receiving a Certificate in Qirat-al-Quran and Tajweed from Jamia Nizamia Hyderabad, and multiple certificates with honors in Seeratun-Nabi, Hadith, and Islamic History from Jamia-Daarul-Irfaan Hyderabad. She has worked as a teacher at Madinat-ul Uloom in Chicago and MAC’s Al- Furqan School. She is currently working at KMA’s Hikmah Weekend School and has been a Quran, Islamic Studies, and teacher at Tarbiyah Learning Academy since 2015.

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