About the project

Stittsville is one of the fastest growing areas of Ottawa. The expansion over the next year or two is expected to be unprecedented. Roads are being expanded to accommodate and new schools are scheduled to be built due to the increased housing. As a result, there is an immediate need to establish prayer and education programs in Stittsville. With the support of the community, together, we can get things going, insha’Allah. Giving to this project is one of the best rewards you can receive in the form of Sadaqah Jariyah for you or your loved ones, insha’Allah. Let’s make the investment from the very beginning together, insha’Allah. SMA is a federally registered not-for-profit organization. Our charitable application is currently waiting for approval from the CRA.

Our Vision

To meet the religious, social and educational needs of the community.

Our Mission

  • To establish and maintain a place of worship for comprehensive and inclusive religious services.
  • To encourage social and religious interaction with the larger community, including the promotion of understanding, tolerance and charity to vulnerable populations.
  • To provide educational opportunities for all ages and levels.