Welcome to Stittsville Muslim Association

SMA Campaign 2022

 CHARITABLE STATUS We are pleased to announce, that by the blessings of Allah SWT, the Stittsville Muslim Association (SMA) application for charitable status has been now been APPROVED.  Canadian Revenue Agency (CRA) # 78386 2279 RR0001. Al-Hamdulillah, with your support, SMA has reached yet another important milestone, following the recent establishment of a community Musallah earlier in…
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SMA Eid al-Adha Prayer 2022

Everyone is welcome to our joint outdoor Eid Al-Adha prayer on Saturday, July 9 2022! Takbeerat will start at 9:00 AM and prayer at 9.30 AM, led by Imam Sikander of Kanata Muslim Association, Insha Allah. Masha Allah, there is plenty of green space to enjoy as well as play structures for children! Although inclement…
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SMA Musallah (Weekly Donation) Setup

Option 1 : $25.00 CAD – weeklyOption 2 : $50.00 CAD – weeklyOption 3 : $100.00 CAD – weeklyOption 4 : $250.00 CAD – weeklyOption 5 : $500.00 CAD – monthlyOption 6 : $1,000.00 CAD – monthly SMA Musallah (Weekly Donation)

Setup Daily Donations During Last 10 days of Ramadan 2022

Assalamu Alaikum Dear SMA Community, Insha’Allah we are entering the last 10 nights of Ramadan tonight. Alhumdulillah our donation platform allows daily donations in last 10 nights so you can catch lailatul-kadr Insha’Allah. If you like to donate during last 10 nights, please do this tonight after Maghrib and before Fajr: Go to Enter…
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SMA Community – First Quarter Update Volume I [2022]

Bismillah Assalam alaikum Dear SMA Community Member, Insha’Allah you and your loved ones in the best of health and faith. Alhumdulillah we are grateful for your support and patience as we navigate the pandemic together. We are happy to share some of the progress we are making with serving our community’s diverse needs for spiritual…
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